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Weiye Machinery is a company with more than 30 years of production experience, specializing in the design and production of plastic machinery. The public can have strong financial strength and a large number of professional and technical personnel, combined with the current advanced technology standards at home and abroad, to study Seiko, High-speed mechanical products.
The parts of Weiye Machinery products are all original Japanese famous brand electrical appliances, and the products have passed the acceptance of professional technicians. The leading products are MR/MT series high speed cap forming machine, MS speed drip speed machine, MH-8W slitting machine, HD-20W folding machine and so on.
MR- 24W/MT-48W is a high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality automatic cap molding production line developed by our company. The electrical, pneumatic and control systems use imported components. Molding is currently the most advanced molding technology in the world. Most of them are currently used to package beverages. Mineral water bottle caps are molded using this technology. The surface of the cap produced by this process has good surface quality, no cracking, better stress resistance and compact structure. There is no trace on the surface of the product The daily output reached 355,860,000.
MS-24W speed automatic capping machine is used to produce anti-theft aluminum cover and plastic bottle cap gasket. The raw material is molded into imported or domestic EVA elastomer after high temperature plasticization and molded into the bottle cap to make the inner pad and cap cover sticky. together, solve the pad to hold the cap leak leak problem, it has a small volume, high throughput, simple products operating within the pad is smooth and beautiful good tightness, consistent with national food hygiene standards.
Weiye Machinery is based on the times of science and technology, with high-quality quality brands and domestic and foreign merchants to develop together.